Writer | Director



Raised by sunshine and soothed by summer thunderstorms, I am a child of Phoenix, Arizona, but now call the great city of New York my home. A multi-lingual artist, I explore the distant aesthetic reaches of light and sound. As a photographer and filmmaker I am hunter-gatherer of organic light and genuine moments; walking a path forever in pursuit of the unknown and the feeling of home.
Where photos and language fail, music is my guide. Composition takes me deep within the caverns of myself, and far out into the expansive world around us. Then, with the intent of grasping onto even a fraction of music's depth and beauty, I hope to share it with you. 
My goal is to breathe compassion, bravery and curiosity into all my artistic endeavors.

Other interests include science, nature, food, coffee, travel and culture.

“The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between.” 
―Claude Debussy (also W.A. Mozart)